Our Journey

"You will love sunshine, especially if you live in Los Angeles."

That's our very first inspiration, which brought bright colors into our patio.

What began as a small collection of bright-colored patio umbrellas has evolved into a full lifestyle experience, showcased in our 2024 new collections: the Palm Springs series, the Jazz Age series, and the Boho Rustic series.

We constantly refine and enhance our materials, as well as perfect our finishes, to deliver exceptional products that elevate your outdoor experiences:

  • 22 design editions we have gone through;
  • 10 long travel trips had taken to communicate with local factories;
  • 5 times had the samples refined.
  • Some of the sequined fringes are even hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen and women who take great pride in the products they produce.

It is these details we pursue. We aim to provide patio furniture that combines high quality with aesthetic appeal.